Medicare Criteria for Admissions

Medicare provides specific guidelines for determining eligibility for palliative home health care and hospice. If you have questions specific to a patient, please call Information and Admissions at 816.276.2700.

Palliative Home Health Care — Patients are generally homebound and have skilled needs. Palliative home care is available while patient meets criteria.

Hospice — Patients need not be homebound and are reviewed for appropriateness at 90 days, then every 60 days. Physician confirms they have a terminal illness with expected survival 6 months or less.

Kansas City Hospice House™ — Inpatient care may be required for pain control or acute or chronic symptom management that cannot feasibly be provided in any other setting. It is initiated when other efforts to manage symptoms are ineffective. There is no particular disease, condition, or symptom specified that is a qualifier for GIP. It is intended to be a short term intervention, but there is no limit on the number of days or number of episodes of GIP each patient receives.