Mustache Month

Carousel Pediatric Care at Kansas City Hospice

February is Mustache Month at Kansas City Hospice, a benefit for Carousel, our Pediatric and Perinatal Hospice program. This year may look a little different but your support is key to helping these amazing families get the care they need.

Our Carousel Pediatric Care program provides extraordinary, compassionate care for our most fragile patients and their families. Donors like YOU ensure that families can focus their time, energy and love on the most precious thing — each other. Choose to fund a need that fits in your budget while giving families here in Kansas City some much needed support.


How Your Support Makes A Difference

Carousel cares for kids needing pediatric hospice and palliative care across the greater Kansas City area.

Kansas City Hospice provides compassionate care for 70-100 children in our Carousel Pediatric Care program in any one year. While we all wish that every child will have the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong, there are still many childhood diseases for which treatment will not end in a cure.

Each and every day (and night) our dedicated pediatric team attends to the needs of children and their families. They offer professional healthcare including symptom management as well as spiritual, emotional, and psychological support for each kiddo and for their entire family.

We are proud to be recognized by area health care providers as the leading provider of pediatric hospice care in our community.


Cut to the Chase!

This year all you have to do is use this form and donate today! No need to grow or fake those pesky wiskers. We’ll do all the work and make sure the kiddos and families get the best care ever!



Kansas City HospiceCarousel Pediatric Care at Kansas City Hospice is the only hospice team in the region dedicated to the unique needs of children and their families.

  • Besides medical care, families receive emotional and spiritual support.
  • Art, music and play therapy help both patients and siblings cope.
  • Last year Carousel cared for more than 100 children requiring palliative or hospice care.
  • More than 85 kids and family members attended one of two summer grief camps.

We’re awesome people caring for awesome kids. 

Do your awesome thing with us!