Mustache Month

Kansas City HospiceWould you grow a stellar ‘stache to help kids in pediatric hospice?

February is Mustache Month at Kansas City Hospice, a benefit for Carousel, our Pediatric and Perinatal Hospice program.

Kansas City Hospice

Choose your adventure!

‘Stache Maker

Sign up to grow your ‘stache and help kids! Set up your profile today as a Mustache Maker. Shave off all previous attempts to grow a grass grin on January 31 and post a photo. Or come to Shave the Date and we’ll shave it for you! Post updates throughout the month and get your peeps to cough up cash for Carousel. SIGN UP NOW!

‘Stache Faker

Are you follically-challenged? Can’t a sport a ‘stache for whatever reason? We don’t care. We know you’ll come up with something to get your followers excited. The lip luggage is just an excuse to support Carousel, so go crazy! Set up your profile by February 1 as a Mustache Faker. SIGN UP NOW!

‘Stache Donator

You don’t have to be a Maker or Faker. You just have to support Carousel. Choose your favorite Maker or Faker and donate on their profile. It’s like voting, but with money. Send us some coins and boom, you’re suddenly a Mustache Donator, a groupie of the highest order, a bristle booster! How exciting is that?! OPEN FOR DONATIONS NOW!

Sound interesting? Sign up to receive more information!

Mustache Month

    Contact me as soon as details are available!

Five Rules for Mustache Month

1. Mustaches only – whether you’re makin’ or fakin’, we only want to see hairy lips!

2. Be clean-shaven night of January 31 – no cheating or getting a head start. (Starting later? Clean shave that day!)

3. Talk about Mustache Month – whenever, however, wherever (this isn’t Fight Club).

4. Check in at least once a week – post a photo of your progress on your MM Profile.

5. Be awesome!

Questions? See FAQs below!

Mustache Month

Shave the Date!

Come out to enjoy some of KC Bier Company’s finest. If you’ve already signed up online as a Mustache Maker or Mustache Faker, or if you sign up on the spot, you’ll get brew for your crew. If you’re a Maker and show up with facial hair, we’ll have a barber from Sole Patch Men’s Shop on hand! Everyone is welcome and yes, we’ll have a camera to capture your clean slate. View on Calendar.

Jan 31 at KC Bier Co
Arrive cleanshaven!
4:30-7pm — 310 W 79th St, KCMO 64114

Kansas City Hospice

Let it Grow

Mustache Makers will be growing soup-strainers, lip caterpillars or face lace while Mustache Fakers are creatively finding other ways to make a social media splash (no, we don’t mean ice buckets!). Meanwhile, everyone will be getting friends, family and total strangers to become Mustache Donators to support Carousel. Your profile will connect to social media, but you can also spread the word by email, snail mail, videos, posters, picket signs, billboards or word of mouth.

Post update photos at least once a week to let your Bristle Boosters know how your cookie duster is coming along. They’ll be able to see your coins as well as your crumb catcher.

Bristle Bash to show off your ‘stache!

Bring your friends and celebrate your awesomeness!

Gather for the Bristle Bash at Chicken N Pickle where we’ll view the Lip Sweater Line-Up, tally the totals and award prizes. Costumes in support of your favorite Mustache Maker or Mustache Faker are welcome! View on Calendar.

Feb 28 at Chicken N Pickle
Bring your friends and celebrate your awesomeness!
4:30-7pm —1761 Burlington, NKCMO 64116

Burt Reynolds Memorial Award goes to the biggest fundraiser

Groucho Marx Award goes to the best mustache moniker

J.K. Rowling Award goes to the most creative Mustache Faker

Tom Selleck Award goes to the ‘stache with the most panache

Wilford Brimley Award goes to the Mustache Maker with the biggest, baddest bro-mo in the room

Nick Nolte Award goes to the scroungiest looking crustache

Lady Gaga Award goes to person wearing the most flamboyant costume

Or just celebrate at home! 

Like a boss. An awesome boss with a glorious mustache.

Thanks to our generous sponsors!

Mustache Month


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. You may sign up until the very last day, but you’ll have to be clean-shaven the day you sign up and post a photo!
Sure. Have your donors write checks to Kansas City Hospice Foundation and collect all the cash you can. You may deliver to our office, send checks by mail or bring it all to the Bristle Bash on February 28.
Nope! You figure out what your going to do that is mildly humiliating and eggs on your peeps to give money to kids in hospice. Of course, you’re not going to win any growing awards, but we have prizes for you, too!
Even one is too many! Joking aside, the needs of families with seriously ill children are many and that’s why Carousel is here. From babies (even before birth) to young adults, these kids need more care than their families can possibly provide alone. Please help us make sure they have everything they need!


Kansas City HospiceCarousel Pediatric Care at Kansas City Hospice is the only hospice team in the region dedicated to the unique needs of children and their families.

  • Besides medical care, families receive emotional and spiritual support.
  • Art, music and play therapy help both patients and siblings cope.
  • Last year Carousel cared for more than 100 children requiring palliative or hospice care.
  • More than 85 kids and family members attended one of two summer grief camps.

We’re awesome people caring for awesome kids. 

Do your awesome thing with us!


Our Programs

There's a long list of hospices in Kansas City, but there's only one Kansas City Hospice. Our programs provide comprehensive expert care for all ages at all stages of serious illness.


When the focus shifts to comfort instead of treatment, care comes to your home or nursing facility with a plan tailored to your needs, including emotional and spiritual support for the whole family.

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Palliative Home Health

When complex needs benefit from a team approach, supportive home care brings the care you need, with 24/7 nurse support for pain, stress and symptoms due to serious illness.

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Palliative Home Health

Advanced Illness Support

Beginning as early as diagnosis and at any stage of serious illness, our nurse practitioners make home visits as needed to help coordinate your care and provide expert pain and symptom management.

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Advanced Illness Support
Hospice House

Hospice House

When symptoms cannot be easily managed at home, two hospice houses provide 24/7 expert care in comfortable home-line settings where family members can be relieved of caregiving duties to focus on loved ones.

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Carousel provides palliative and hospice care for perinatal and for babies through young adults with a dedicated team of pediatric nurses, social workers, chaplains and other specialists.

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Solace House

Solace House

Our center for grief and healing supports individuals and families who have been impacted by the death of a loved one, whether anticipated, or sudden and unexpected. We provide opportunities to share, listen, learn and heal with peer group support from age 3 through adult.

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