Solace House Provides Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care Helps Family Cope With Sudden Loss 

Marina Wilson’s story, as told to Caryn Hohnholt, Chief Development & Communications Officer.

Marvin and I met in high school and when I first saw him, I knew he was the one. We both knew we were soulmates. We wanted a big family, and he was the perfect father to our children. He wanted to raise them to be good people and he was a devoted dad – a family man focused on his family. He was a full-time dad and homeschool teacher to our four daughters.

But everything was stolen from us the moment Marvin was killed in a senseless car accident. It was hard on us. He played such a big part in our lives. Our entire world was turned upside down in the blink of an eye.

I was eight months pregnant and had just come home from work. Marvin was usually home when I got there, but that day he wasn’t. Sometimes he would run to the store to get the kids things for breakfast. I started texting him and he wasn’t answering. That was not like him.

I just felt something was wrong. I kept watching the news – I don’t know – I could just feel it. So finally, I got a call from a detective, and he asked if we owned a white Tahoe. I just broke down and went blank.

I had to tell the kids, but I waited until their aunties and uncles got to our house. My oldest daughter couldn’t believe it. She basically passed out like I knew she would – her dad was her everything.

As time passed, I could tell the kids really needed something. The hardest thing was seeing them suffer. They weren’t themselves and my oldest was breaking down. Her legs were going out and she would black out. I wasn’t in a headspace to help them at the time, so I searched and searched because I knew we needed something. They weren’t the same kids. I finally found Solace House.

Upon our initial visit to Solace House, the team talked to me first, which made me comfortable. Then they talked to us as a family. They asked how they could help and what we need. Then we started the one-on-one therapy, and I saw the kids start to get better. We started going once a week and it really worked. Mentally, the kids are now grieving better. They are still battling with their feelings and how to even talk about it, but they are talking. I see a big difference – going to therapy really helps.

The three older kids have enjoyed Solace House activities because they get to talk about their dad and play games, which is something they did often with him. Marvin was a loving father and family oriented. He always took care of us and looked out for us. That’s what I loved about him. He was everything to us.
We’re so thankful to have found Solace House. A lot of people go to Solace House and it really helps to know we’re not alone.

Everyone deserves to experience the compassion we did at Solace House. Please consider a gift today to ensure everyone has access to needed grief support.

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