Volunteer Training Schedule

Volunteer training is required for volunteers who work with patients at their homes, nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Training takes about 15 hours total over two days. It covers things such as hospice history and philosophy, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and families, communication skills, patient care and comfort, grief and loss, and volunteer roles and responsibilities.

  • Training for volunteers interested at the House is provided individually.
  • Training for Camp volunteer occurs in early June.
  • Special event and administrative volunteers are trained individually specific to the task.
  • Solace House training takes place twice per year and is a day long commitment.
  • Patient Care Volunteer Training is held over a 2 day period (daytime hours).

To receive more information about being a patient care volunteer or if you would like to attend training, fill out our interest form online. We’ll contact you with the information you request and can help you register for training if desired. Or call 816-276-2640.