Solace House Resources

Solace House has some excellent resources and recommendations for educating yourself on grief and self-care.

Recommended Reading


The Feelings Book, Lynda Madison, Pleasant Co. Publications, ISBN: 1-58485-528-2 (ages: 9-13)

The Next Place, Warren Hanson, Waldman House Press, ISBN: 0-931674-32-8 (ages 6 to adult)

When Dinosaurs Die, Laurie Krasny Brown & Marc Brown, Little, Brown & Co. ISBN: 0-316-10917-7 (ages: 4-12)

The Invisible String, Patrice Karst, DeVorss Publications, ISBN: 0-87516-734-9

A Day With Dr. Waddle, Center for Basic Cancer Research, Kansas State University (ages: 4-12)

I Know I Made It Happen, Lynn Bennett Blackburn, Centering Corp., ISBN 1-56123-016-2 (ages: 6-12)

Books for teenagers:

When Your Brother or Sister Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens, National Cancer Institute, P222

When Your Parent Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens, National Cancer Institute, P223

Tear Soup, Pat Schwiebert and Chuck DeKlyen, Grief Watch, ISBN: 0-9615197-6-2 (ages 10 to adult)

How It Feels When a Parent Dies, Jill Krementz, Alfred A. Knopf, ISBN: 0-394-75854-4

Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers, Earl A. Grollman, Beacon Press, ISBN: 0-8070-2501-1

Books for helpers:

When Someone Has a Very Serious Illness, Marge Heegaard, Woodland Press, ISBN: 0-9620502-4-5 (ages: 6-12)

What Does That Mean? Harold Ivan Smith and Joy Johnson, Centering Corp, ISBN: 1-56123-196-7

Preparing the Children, Kathy Nussbaum, Gifts of Hope, Kodiak, AK: 1998. ISBN: 0-9665496-0-0

Lean On Me, Doug Manning, In-Sight Books, Oklahoma City, OK: 1998. (for parents or helpers)

150 Facts About Grieving Children, Erin Linn, The Publisher’s Mark, Incline Village, NV: 1990. ISBN: 0-9614636-3-5

Information online:

Grief At The Office: When A Coworker Loses A Loved OneForbes

Birds and Bees podcast from This American Life — Some information is so big and so complicated that it seems impossible to talk to kids about. This week, stories about the vague and not-so-vague ways to teach children about race, death and sex – including a story about colleges responding to sexual assault by trying to teach students how to ask for consent. Also, a story about how  when to teach kids about the horrors of slavery and oppression in America.

‘We knew each other’s pain’: Fallen soldiers’ families share bond — Seattle Times — Two young military widows find strength in their shared stories as they struggle to keep the memory of their husbands alive for their 8-year-old sons.

Thanks to a 4-Year-Old, a Laugh Stronger Than Death — New York Times

Surviving a Loved One’s Suicide — US News and World Report

How Grief Can Make You Sick — Everyday Health

Eluna Resource Center – Focused on continuing and expanding their support of children and families affected by grief and addiction, Eluna (formerly The Moyer Foundation) has launched a comprehensive online library of carefully curated resources that provide the tools to navigate some of life’s most challenging experiences. With the expertise of hundreds of supportive partners, the Eluna Resource center offers a personalized set of articles, videos, activities and referrals that explore grief, addiction, bullying, suicide, mindfulness, mental health, and much more. The Eluna Resource Center, accessed by website, email and phone, reflects the individual needs of each family and child that needs support.