Time Away for Caregivers

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It’s hard to care for someone else if you don’t take care of yourself first. Sometimes caregivers need a break.

  • One-time visit to attend to appointments or get errands done
  • Recurring time for classes or family duties
  • A block of time for health emergencies or vacation

We match you with a volunteer in your area to provide the primary caregiver a break. The volunteer usually sits with you for a few hours at a time. Your volunteer will determine what type of activity you might be able to do, whether it’s good conversations, TV watching, or maybe even a ride in a wheelchair. Our patient care volunteers have undergone background checks, reference checks and training. They receive ongoing support and education to make sure your needs are met.

This is our most requested volunteer service and we will try our best to find a good match who can help you out when you need us.