Care at Home Before Hospice is Needed

Palliative home health care is available before there is a need for hospice. Experts realized that people who receive specialized treatment for pain and other symptoms do so much better. By bringing the same team approach that is used in hospice, but before hospice is needed, people do better. They feel better, they are able to stay at home longer, they avoid repeated trips to the hospital and they actually live longer.

Palliative care is also called supportive care. It is the treatment of pain and symptoms like nausea, shortness of breath, insomnia, anxiety and other troublesome symptoms that come with your disease or the treatments you are receiving. It focuses on maintaining quality of life through every stage of disease.

Palliative care does not replace your doctors or the treatments that you are already doing. It is an extra layer of care to help you and your family cope better. Care is provided right in your home and you get to choose the options that you want and that work for you.

Palliative Home Care