Carousel cares for kids in pediatric hospice and more

Carousel cares for kids needing pediatric hospice and palliative care across the greater Kansas City area.

Kansas City Hospice provides compassionate care for 70-100 children in our Carousel Pediatric Care program in any one year. While we all wish that every child will have the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong, there are still many childhood diseases for which treatment will not end in a cure.

Each and every day (and night) our dedicated pediatric team attends to the needs of children and their families. They offer professional healthcare including symptom management as well as spiritual, emotional, and psychological support.

We are proud to be recognized by area health care providers as the leading provider of pediatric hospice care in our community. And, we offer the only hospice team in the region dedicated to the unique needs of children and their families.

But, we can’t do it without help. That’s why we’ve created a new fundraising event just for Carousel. This February is Mustache Month!

Mustache Month is a peer-to-peer campaign similar to crowdfunding. Basically, people sign up to participate, then share on social media and get their friends and family to join in.



There are lots of ways to help, including a simple share on social media!  Feeling social?  Come join us at two fun events! Or, jump in the deep end with us and get hairy!

We’re awesome people caring for awesome kids. 

Do your awesome thing with us!


Mustache MonthChoose your adventure!

‘Stache Maker

Sign up to get hairy! Set up your profile today as a Mustache Maker. You must start the month of February clean-shaven! Shave off all previous attempts to grow a grass grin and post a photo and/or attend Shave the Date at KC Bier Company and Sole Patch will be on hand to shave it for you! Start talking about your new face friend to people you know or don’t know. Show off that stellar ‘stache to the world. Share your awesome profile and they will give you everything they have. Yes, my friend, it’s that easy.

‘Stache Faker

Are you follically-challenged? Can’t sport a mustache right now but still want to help kiddos in our community? We understand. We’re cool like that. We know you’ll come up with something to get your followers excited. Some ideas people have suggested include a mustache-themed bake sale, wearing a mustache while biking 10 miles, or creating mustache-themed crafts to offer to friends. Use your imagination! Set up your profile in the month of February as a Mustache Faker and go wild!

‘Stache Donator

Can’t participate right now but still want to ensure pediatric hospice care for kids in our community? Simply choose your favorite Maker or Faker and donate through their profile. BOOM. You’re suddenly a Mustache Donator. A groupie of the highest order. A bristle booster! How exciting is that?! Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and even better, it will go right to work supporting Carousel Pediatric Care at Kansas City Hospice.


Five Rules for Mustache Month

1. Mustaches only – whether you’re makin’ or fakin’, we only want to see hairy lips!
2. Be clean-shaven the night of January 31. No exceptions. (Starting later? Join the fun at any time in the month of February, but you must be clean shaven the day you start!)
3. Talk about Mustache Month – whenever, however, wherever. What happens in Mustache Month doesn’t stay in Mustache Month. Talk to your friends, talk to strangers, drive down the street with a megaphone. We’re cool with however you want to go about it, but we want you to share about why Mustache Month is so important (hint: it’s all about the kiddos).
4. Check in at least once a week – post a photo of your progress on your MM Profile and share it with your ‘stache groupies!
5. Be your usual awesome self! We know we don’t need to tell you that, but we’re just so darn excited to have you on our team!


Shave the Date!

Enjoy some of KC Bier Company’s finest brews. If you haven’t already signed up online as a Mustache Maker or Mustache Faker, we will help you sign up on the spot. If you are a Mustache Maker and haven’t had a chance to shave clean, Sole Patch will be on hand to rectify the situation! Everyone is welcome and yes, we’ll have a camera to capture your clean slate.
Jan 31 at KC Bier Co
Clean shave night! Arrive clean shaven, or plan for on-site assistance from Sole Patch barbers!
4:30-7pm — 310 W 79th St, KCMO 64114



Let it Grow

Mustache Makers will be growing soup-strainers, lip caterpillars or face lace while Mustache Fakers are creatively finding other ways to make a social media splash (mustache-themed competition, anyone?). Meanwhile, everyone will be getting friends, family and total strangers to become Mustache Donators in support of Carousel Pediatric Care at Kansas City Hospice. Your profile will connect to social media and can be shared as email, and you can also spread the word via snail mail, videos, posters, picket signs, billboards or word of mouth.
Post update photos at least once a week to let your Bristle Boosters know how your cookie duster is coming along and be prepared for fanfare as people fall for your dreamy ‘stache. They will probably just throw money at you as you walk down the street. Your job will be to catch it and throw it our way in support of kids in KC. Easy? Yes.

Bristle Bash to show off your ‘stache!

Bring your friends and celebrate your awesomeness!
Gather for the Bristle Bash at Chicken N Pickle where we’ll view the Lip Sweater Line-Up, tally the totals and award prizes. Costumes in support of your favorite Mustache Maker or Mustache Faker are welcome! Prizes and festivities!




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up AFTER February 1?
Yes, of course. You may sign up until the very last day (February 28) but if you’re a Mustache Maker you will still have to be clean-shaven the day you sign up and post a photo. Mustache Fakers can also sign up any time before February 28. The earlier, the better, though so you have plenty of time to share participation with your friends!
Can I do fundraisers and just hand over the cash?
Absolutely. Please ask your donors to write checks to Kansas City Hospice Foundation and collect all the cash you can. You may deliver to our office, send checks by mail or bring it all to the Bristle Bash on February 28 and our stellar team will lock it up tight and run it straight to the bank. If your donors would like a tax-receipt, please ensure the check is made out directly to Kansas City Hospice Foundation and that their contact information is up to date and included.
I want to be a ‘Stache Faker. Any restrictions?
Nope! You figure out what you’re going to do that is absurdly awesome and encourages your peeps to donate for kids in hospice. Don’t be sad when you see the awesome Mustache Maker Awards we have in store… we have prizes for you, too!
Kansas City Hospice

Carousel Pediatric Care at Kansas City Hospice is the only hospice team in the region dedicated to the unique needs of children and their families.

  • Besides medical care, families receive emotional and spiritual support.
  • Art, music and play therapy help both patients and siblings cope.
  • Last year Carousel cared for more than 100 children requiring palliative or hospice care.
  • More than 85 kids and family members attend one of two summer grief camps.

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