Care at NorthCare Hospice House

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When medical problems are too serious to be managed at home, short inpatient stays may help:

♦ Get symptoms under control – close round-the-clock attention by our physicians and care team makes it possible to frequently assess and adjust medications to treat pain, breathing problems, nausea, fatigue, weakness and other problems.

♦ Transition from the hospital – when you leave the hospital but need more time to adjust medications, our team will adjust the medication plan as needed and teach family members what they need to know as you transition to home care.

♦ Increase support – sometimes home support is not available, the environment is unsafe or your family is unable to provide care in the home.

♦ Stabilize treatment – when you need assistance adjusting medications, emotional and social assessment, or therapy.

When you come to NorthCare Hospice House, family members are relieved of the stress of providing hourly care and can instead focus on relationships and making the most of your time together.

Care From a Team for the Whole Family

While receiving care at NorthCare Hospice House, you receive the same services from team members that hospice offers in other settings. In addition to doctors and nurses, our team includes social workers, chaplains, a dietitian and volunteers. Your personal physicians are welcome to continue to work with you during your stay, or our physicians are also available.

In addition, there are many other caring programs that help make this time less stressful for families. All are welcomed by the hospitality of NorthCare Hospice House and services are designed to meet the individual needs of you and your family.


  • "I watched a dear friend go through hospice with her son, and she was inspired with a passion to provide our community with a haven of rest, comfort, peace and expert care. When she asked Larry and me to help build the Kansas City Hospice House, how could we say no? We have been involved ever since, as have our children, and now our grandchildren." — Beverly Mallin
  • "I had never had an experience with hospice until my mother's physician recommended the Kansas City Hospice House to our family. The care given to our mother was the very best. The compassion and kindness by the doctors and nurses helped all of us during this time. We were so relieved that she was there. We were able to have all of the family around her and her grandsons brought over things from her house to make it memorable for us all. I hope that every family who needs it can have this kind of experience and that's why I think people should give their support." — Scott Westlake
  • "I would have been lost without your counsel and help." — family member
  • "Each and every one of the staff provided a tender touch, a warm hug, a conversation without feeling rushed, a smile, and a genuine overall concern for Mom and all of us." — a patient's daughter
  • "The people who work here made it such a comfortable, warm environment that it wasn't scary." — Cathy Alpert
  • "The nurses were like angels. We were so lucky to have them take care of my mom." — Karen Bormaster
  • "Thank you so much for your exceptional attention and thoughtfulness in the gentle care of my mother. The overwhelming feeling of peace and professionalism is such a comfort for both patient and family. This enables difficult times to become bearable."
  • "All the Angels at Hospice House, thank you for all the compassionate care for my husband and our family as he journeyed to his eternal home two years ago."
  • "My mom was not going to be able to attend my wedding because she was at Hospice House. The chaplain offered to marry us here in the chapel so my mom could be with us. Volunteers helped to provide bouquets and cake. I had a wonderful reception in the kitchen area. My mom’s favorite nurse Deanna even attended the service in the chapel and made sure my mom was comfortable. My family was very grateful for the staff and volunteers."
  • Dear KC Hospice House Staff, You recently cared for my mother… We are so grateful for the care that she received from your wonderful staff and volunteers. Although it was a difficult time for our family, your caring and thoughtful staff was a great source of comfort to all of us. With thanks, Family