Meals & Baking

Your generous contribution of a meal or some homemade treats truly makes a difference to the families and friends visiting our facilities, as they are going through a very difficult time with a life-limiting illness of a loved one.

We are currently accepting donations of homemade baked goods and other treats at our hospice houses. However, due to Covid-19 guidelines, we ask that you individually portion the treats into single-serve baggies (for example, two or three cookies in a baggie) so that families and guests can easily grab a baggie and take it to their loved one’s room. The treats can be dropped off at either hospice house at any time.

Download printable Meal Guidelines for Kansas City Hospice House™

Download printable Meal Guidelines for NorthCare Hospice House

Download printable Baking Guidelines for Kansas City Hospice House

All meals can be coordinated through our Community Volunteer Coordinator at or (816) 941-1095. The coordinator can also schedule the Kansas City Hospice House™ kitchen for group baking activities and provide special guidelines for that.

Enjoy your time, and thank you for making a difference!