Meals That Make a Difference

Kansas City Hospice House™ Guidelines for Meals

Download printable Meal Guidelines

Thank you for providing a meal at the Kansas City Hospice House™. Your generous contribution truly makes a difference to the families and friends visiting our facility, as they are going through a very difficult time with a life-limiting illness of a loved one. The following guidelines will assist you and/or your group in planning and preparing meals:

  • Please coordinate all meals through our Community Volunteer Coordinator, at or (816) 941-1095.
  • Please ensure all individuals preparing food adhere to basic health guidelines (wash hands thoroughly, etc.). All individuals entering facility should be free of contagious illnesses.
  • Please prepare enough food to serve 40 – 50 people. If you use disposable dishes, any leftovers can be set out in the family rooms for guests to enjoy.
  • You should provide all ingredients required for the meal.
  • You have the option to serve breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.
  • Meals may be prepared in advance or prepared in our dining/kitchen area. You are responsible for staying through the duration of the meal to serve the food and clean up afterwards, washing any dishes, pans or utensils used in meal preparation and service.
  • Coffee and tea are available to our family rooms 24 hours a day. Your group may choose to provide additional drinks, but it is not necessary.
  • Paper products and plastic ware are provided by Kansas City Hospice House™ and are stocked in the kitchen cabinets.
  • Please let staff know when your meal is ready to be served (go to front desk or nursing stations). Staff will notify guests and visiting families that the meal is ready.
  • You are welcome to serve food and eat with our families and guests. Children are also encouraged to assist with meals. Please ensure kids are supervised at all times.
  • Group sizes should be limited to 10 people. More can be accommodated with prior arrangements made through the volunteer coordinator.
  • Please respect the privacy and confidentiality of our patients and their families. No photographs are allowed without prior permission.
  • Please remember that our guests are going through a stressful time; your respect and peaceful consideration of this is greatly appreciated.
  • When you arrive at the facility, please sign-in at the front desk, letting them know you have arrived.

Enjoy your time spent at the Kansas City Hospice House™ and thank you for making a difference!