Inpatient Options for Patients

When Care Needs Are Complicated

When pain and symptoms are too serious to be managed at home, inpatient care is the answer. Short-term inpatient care can be helpful in dealing with pain, shortness of breath, anxiety or other distressing symptoms. We offer inpatient care at Kansas City Hospice House™ and NorthCare Hospice House.

The physicians and nurses at Hospice House are there 24 hours a day to respond quickly if the patient’s condition changes. Our interdisciplinary team (IDT) approach provides expert medical care, plus emotional and spiritual support for patients and families. Family members are relieved of the stress of caregiving and instead can focus on relationships and making the most of time together.


Medicare has set very strict guidelines for General Inpatient Care (GIP). Inpatient care may be required for pain control or acute or chronic symptom management that cannot feasibly be provided in any other setting. It is initiated when other efforts to manage symptoms are ineffective. There is no particular disease, condition, or symptom specified that is a qualifier for GIP. It is intended to be a short term intervention, but there is no limit on the number of days or number of episodes of GIP each patient receives.

Our staff will help you evaluate your patient and determine their eligibility for services. When you are ready to refer a patient to Kansas City Hospice House™, one of our RNs  will visit the patient and family to evaluate current condition, explain all of the options and answer any questions. Call us to begin, or learn more about the referral process.

For a fuller description of GIP guidelines, visit the NHCPO website for their GIP Tip Sheet

A Place Almost Like Home

With comfortable spaces, quiet corners and natural surroundings, Hospice House promotes a sense of peace and allows patients and families to let go of the uneasiness and anxiety that comes with serious illness. Providing a remarkable blend of caring, compassion and competency, the physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers of Hospice House bring care to a whole new level.

Comfortable Surroundings

Quiet spaces and natural surroundings promote a sense of peace for all. Features include:

  • Natural lighting throughout the building
  • Large patient rooms with plenty of space for family
  • Views of the outdoors
  • Family rooms for loved ones to gather
  • Porches and patios
  • Kitchen and laundry facilities
  • Spaces for meditation and prayer