Visitor Information for Kansas City Hospice House™

Visiting Hours

Family members and visitors of patients have access to Kansas City Hospice House™ 24 hours a day. The facility is locked overnight, but a buzzer system lets people in when doors are locked.

Pets Welcome

Pets as visitors are welcome and should be on a leash and accompanied at all times. Pets who visit Kansas City Hospice House™ should be quiet, well-controlled and comfortable with people—including children—and other animals. View Pet Guidelines.

Items to Bring

You are welcome to bring photos, small decorations, books and other items which can be displayed on shelves in rooms. Our families are encouraged to make the room your own and to make it as homey as possible while you are with us.

Food and Meals

Visitors may keep small amounts of personal food in a common refrigerator. In addition, a full kitchen and smaller kitchenettes provide places for family members to prepare and heat meals. Fresh homemade soup and pastries are available all day for our families. However, full meal service is not provided.


The hospitality desk is available to help you find nearby restaurants, grocery stores and anything else you may need while you stay with your loved one. Our wonderful volunteers are often available to help you with special requests and make sure you have what you need.

Outdoor Spaces

There are several patios, garden walks and spaces to enjoy the outdoors.


Visitors are asked to smoke in their cars, or away from the building in designated areas.


CLICK HERE for driving directions.