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Bursts of Memory – When we’re grieving, some memories sneak up on us.

Letting Go – After the loss of a significant person, you may be faced with the daunting task of going through belongings.

Grief in the Digital Age – Grief is an internal process and mourning takes grief public to some extent, as we integrate loss into our lives. What does it mean to go through a private experience when people are used to sharing everything through social media? 

Summering Grief – Summer can be a favorite season, but it can also trigger feelings of grief and loss.

Anticipatory Grief – When someone is seriously ill or dying, or when a friend or family member experiences the suffering of a loved one, the pain and sorrow of anticipatory grief may arise.

The First Anniversary of a Life-Changing Day – Coping with the anniversary of your loved one’s death.

The Importance of Rituals – How rituals can bring comfort.

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned about Grief – Everyone grieves differently, but here are some things to think about.

Grieving a Difficult or Conflicted Relationship – Sometimes death comes to someone in a difficult or conflicted relationship – and that can be complicated.

Expressing Grief Your Way – Art. music, and journaling offer therapeutic tools that can empower, relax and heal us.

Hanging on at Holiday TimeHolidays, anniversaries, birthdays  and the anniversary of a death can be difficult days in the grief process.

Timing Your Changes – Losing a loved one is a major life change, and it forces us to consider other changes in our lives.

Asking Friends and Family for Help – You may be hesitant to ask for help, but your family and friends want to make things easier for you.

Walking In Your Own Shoes – How your grief is unique.

What’s Normal – In grief, it’s normal to feel that nothing is normal.

A Vacation from Grief – Is it possible to take a vacation in the midst of grief?

Easing Back into School for Grieving Kids – Good communication with your child and his/her school is key to an easier transition.

Journaling Through a Loss – One way to channel your energy into healing is journaling.


A Griever’s Pocket Guide to Spending the Holidays

Grief Digest Magazine

Eluna — Focused on continuing and expanding their support of children and families affected by grief and addiction, Eluna has a comprehensive online library of carefully curated resources that provide the tools to navigate some of life’s most challenging experiences. With the expertise of hundreds of supportive partners, they offer a personalized set of articles, videos, activities and referrals that explore grief, addiction, bullying, suicide, mindfulness, mental health, and much more.