Grief Support Services

Our Vision

Each person in our community is valued from life through death and each family is supported in their grief.

Kansas City Hospice is here to provide support, help you find ways to cope, connect you with a supportive community, and provide guidance and hope for the future.

Grief Support Programs for Hospice Families

  • Individual counseling with grief support specialists
  • Supportive calls from volunteers
  • Workshops and support groups offered throughout the area
  • Expressive therapy groups with alternatives to traditional grief support, such as art, writing and yoga
  • Informational mailings and email for a year following your loss
  • Online information, articles and links regarding grief support at

Frequently Asked Questions

I have support from family, friends and my spiritual community. Can grief support help me?

Often it helps to talk with someone outside your family or friends. Our staff are skilled, caring, non-judgmental listeners. We can discuss your unique grief experience, explore ways to reduce suffering, and promote healthy coping.

How will it help me to talk to someone about my grief? It won’t bring my loved one back.

You may be overwhelmed, realizing that that life may never be the same. We can support you in adjusting to your loss and understanding common reactions to grief. Support groups can help you feel less alone, providing education and peer support.

Since my loved one died, I’ve been busy and don’t have time to grieve. How can you help?

Following a death, you may be occupied by the details of the estate, busy at work or with family — possibly needed distractions from grief. Delaying feelings of grief does not make it go away. When ready, processing grief in the way most unique to your situation can help lessen painful emotions.

What are common misconceptions about grief counseling?

Some fear the stigma of “therapy,” or may feel asking for help is a sign of weakness. Grief is a difficult but natural part of our human experience. We believe seeking support in difficult times is a sign of strength and commitment to healing.

I think I’m doing all right, but can you help my family members?

Grief support is available to additional, interested family members. All they need to do is call. We can assist out-of-town family with finding support in their local communities.