Expressive Therapies Series

Some people talk or tell stories to cope with grief.  Some find relief from tears. What if you need to express yourself differently? Kansas City Hospice provides an Expressive Therapies Series offering various ways to express grief that may be meaningful to you. Often grief demands expression, even if you don’t feel like talking about it.  We will encourage you to express grief in ways that are right for you.

If you find that one of these workshops fit your way of expression, call and speak to one of the Grief Support Specialists at 816.363.2600.

Easing Grief with Yoga

Yoga touches into a physical and spiritual means of expression. Have you ever noticed someone in pain or feeling stress who forgets to breath and someone tells them “breathe, just breathe.” When you’re tense, emotional or in pain, you can forget to breathe. It’s the same with grief. You may forget how to relax, how to feel what’s happening in your own body, how to breathe. That’s why yoga can be so effective. It’s a way to get the body grounded, release muscle tension, breathe out physical and emotional pain, and “keep the energy moving” to keep depression at bay.

Ongoing sessions at Solace House. You do not need any previous experience with yoga for this workshop. Wear loose clothing and bring a yoga mat if you have one. Extra mats will be available at each session. Suggested donation $10 for the instructor.

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Easing Grief with Art

Art allows a creative language of expression, even if you feel you are not artistic. Art uses all your senses and can take you out of the logical, rational brain to another place. Art can provide a different way to deal with strong emotions like grief. Something magical can happen. You step into a different mode and find new ways to express and release your thoughts. There can be both beauty and happiness in making your own art and you may find a new awareness when you come at grief from a different awareness.

No previous art experience is necessary and art supplies will be provided for each session.

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Easing Grief with Writing

Writing taps into unvoiced emotions and can be another creative expression of your experience. Many counselors recommend keeping a journal or writing down thoughts, but it’s common for people to find writing in a journal to be difficult, frightening, overwhelming or counterproductive. This workshop will help you channel your thoughts and feeling onto paper, a private place where there is no judgment or expectation. Channeling your feelings by writing can be a powerful way to process grief and loss. It can be your own private place or it can be a way to tell others how you’re feeling. The choice is yours. This workshop will provide exercises and guidance to explore how writing can become your way to find healing.

You may wish to bring a journal, a favorite pen or even a laptop, if that’s how you prefer to write.