Lasting Legacy is

Memories, Stories, Experiences…

told by the individual who has lived them, shared with the people they love and recorded either with video or audio technology.

For the Storyteller

Recording your life stories is a gift you can give to family and friends. When you record your experiences, you share yourself and preserve milestones of your life. Now is the time to remember, to sift, to weigh, to contribute, to give and to share.

For the Interviewer

This is an opportunity to capture, in your loved one’s voice, life stories they choose to share. During this poignant time, your loved one’s thoughts may be focusing on past events and people that had meaning and value. You might gather photographs and mementos in preparation for this conversation.

The Gift

The sharing of stories and experiences links generations. Recording these memories creates an opportunity for your loved one to connect with their history and to share with others.

The Process

  • The patient is encouraged to choose an interviewer, which is typically a family member or friend. It is recommended to discuss ahead of time possible topics to be covered during the recording. Volunteers are available to interview as well.
  • A KCH&PC volunteer conducts the recording session at your residence. They will call you and set up a time that is convenient for all.
  • At the time of the visit, the volunteer will set up the recording equipment, briefly run through the process of the recording session, and monitor the recording.
  • Get comfortable, find a relaxed, easy position and enjoy the conversation with your loved one.
  • The recording lasts for as long as it takes to tell your story.
  • A photo may be taken at the end of the visit to be a part of the disk cover.
  • Recordings will be burned to DVD and sent to you.

A sheet with topics, questions, and additional information is available by request, to help facilitate the conversation. To receive a copy or to schedule a recording, please contact the volunteer department at 816-276-2640.