Taking Care of Your Family

No matter which program you choose, you’ll find practical, emotional and spiritual support for your you and your family.

When one person in a family experiences a serious illness, the whole family is affected. We find that many of the people in our programs are more concerned about their family than themselves. They wonder how their spouse or children will cope. They worry about the future of those they love. They fret over the thought of becoming a burden.

That’s why it’s so important to have measures in place to support the whole family.

Here are some of the ways your care team will help your family:

  • Education about your disease — understanding the disease, how it makes people feel, treatment options and how best to cope
  • Learning how family can best assist you — teaching your family what to do to help make you more comfortable and how to help with specific tasks
  • Guidance in making choices for your care — helping family understand all the options and how they impact your care
  • Help in discussing issues with your family — being there to help you with difficult family discussions and to answer questions
  • Help in discussing options with your doctors — working closely with your doctors to get you the care you need and want
  • Counseling on life transitions — having someone to talk to outside of the family when emotions are running high
  • Advance planning — making sure you have plans in place for the future
  • Grief support for your family — being there for them and helping them with grief and loss
  • Legal considerations — making sure you have all of your documents in order and letting you know when a lawyer might be needed
  • Financial questions — help to work through how medical bills get paid and qualifying for assistance when needed

Your care team will help assess your family’s needs and give you access to social workers, chaplains, music therapists, art therapists and volunteers who can assist in many different ways to enhance your family’s quality of life.