COVID19 Update

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Vaccine Clinic Update

Although Kansas City Hospice is an approved vaccine provider for the state of  Missouri, our ability to provide the vaccination is dependent upon state allocations of the Federally-provided vaccines.

The state of Missouri is executing an updated strategy, which has prioritized provision of the vaccine to high-throughput healthcare providers (hospitals) and other Mass Vaccination Sites.  These efforts are designed to vaccinate as many Missourians as fast as possible utilizing the allocated supply from the federal government.  They also are targeting more rural areas to provide further coverage across the state.

The state of Missouri has communicated that they are currently unable to allocate doses to us for an initial dose vaccination clinic. The federal and state response continues to evolve and future allocations to smaller vaccination sites like Kansas City Hospice are uncertain.

No initial dose vaccination clinics are scheduled at this time.

We urge you to not wait to sign up for a vaccination from another site in your state. The following links provide other locations for vaccinations:

  • Missouri:  
  • Kansas:

If you contacted us before February 1, you will remain on our waiting list and we will keep you posted if future vaccination clinics with us become available. We will also post updates on this page.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Coronavirus Safety & Prevention

We know that people are very concerned about this rapidly spreading virus known as COVID-19 or the coronavirus. Naturally, those who have loved ones with serious illness in hospice or palliative care are even more concerned. Today, let’s discuss what we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this and other infectious diseases, such as the influenza virus.

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