Community Education Series Archive

Best for Last: Honoring Our Veterans and Hospice Caregivers
November 30, 2023
Patty Poore & Kristin Dow
Look Toward the Holidays with Hope
October 26, 2023
Oscar Orozco-Aguilar, LCSW, LMSW
25 Years of Solace and Beyond!
September 28, 2023
Colleen Millet Pelz, cofounder of Solace House
Amber Grice, current Solace House Team Lead
Music Therapy in Hospice: A Dynamic Approach to End-of-Life
August 24, 2023
Jesse Heilman, MT-BC
KCH Expressive Therapist
Discussing End-of-Life Wishes: The Gift You Can Give Your Family
May 25, 2023
Lisa Bernard, MD & Tammi Watkins, APRN
Preparing For Your Future: Important Conversations For You and Your Loved Ones
December 15, 2022 Beth Trimmer, KCH Community Liaison Mary Zahner Bauer, Director of Donor Relations
The Use of Rituals in Grief & Healing
April 27, 2023
Lisa Templeton-Farmer, MA
The Nonprofit Difference in Hospice
March 23, 2023
David S. Wiley & Caryn Hohnholt

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