Grief Support for Children, Teens and Families

Families often find the strength to deal with serious illness, death and grief. But, when children and teens are involved, adults may struggle to find the words – to know what to say – to help the youngest family members cope. To make it easier, we have a team of professionals to help you through the journey and to give you some of the tools you need during illness and through the grieving process.

Center for Grief and HealingSolace House is a grief counseling center that supports children, individuals and families who have been impacted by the death of a loved one, whether anticipated, or sudden and unexpected. Read more about Solace House. Camp Erin is a weekend, overnight camp for teens and children who have experienced the death of someone close to them. It is a traditional, fun, high-energy camp combined with grief education and emotional support and is open to the community. Learn more about Camp Erin and how to apply. Kansas City HospiceCamp Carousel is a weekend retreat for grieving families with school-aged children and teens. It is open to the community. Learn more about Camp Carousel and how to apply.

Talking to Teens/Children About Illness and Death

Helping a child deal with major life changes can be difficult. Children don’t have the experience to understand as adults do. However, as family members, each child should be included, at their level, in discussions and activities during the illness or death of a loved one. Learn more about talking to teens/children.

Preparing Children/Teens for a Funeral or Memorial Service

Preparing in advance and being sensitive to reactions during the event are key to helping young people through an emotional funeral or memorial service. Learn more about preparing children/teens for a funeral.

Recommended Reading

Books for all ages on illness and death. Learn more