Hospice in a Long-Term Care Facility

If you are in a long-term care facility, you may still want to add hospice care to your medical options. You’ll find that the services we offer are not all that different from care at home, but we work closely with your facility to coordinate your care and provide services to your family. Palliative home care is generally not available in long-term care facilities.

Several things you’ll want to know about hospice in a long-term care facility:

  • We’ll collaborate with the staff at your facility to help meet your needs, wherever you choose to live
  • Hospice care does not replace your facility’s care, but brings extra hands and hospice expertise to your bedside
  • Our staff specialize in hospice care, allowing nursing homes to  focus on their specialties and the care you rely on
  • We have care teams who only work with people in nursing facilities, so we get to know the staff and unique needs for each facility
  • We will help in communicating with your family, whether here or out of town
  • Your family will receive the same options for emotional support as any hospice family
  • As your needs change, your hospice team will adjust and work closely with your facility’s staff
  • When no loved ones are near, our extended care program can provide a comforting presence in the final hours of life

All people receiving care from Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care work with an RN case manager and a team of hospice professionals. You may choose which services you would like to have. Our experienced team members will visit as often as needed and desired. Most people choose to receive care from several team members, including social workers, home health aides, chaplains, art therapistsmusic therapistsvolunteerschild/teen specialists and more.

Your own doctors will stay involved in your care and your personal physician will direct the medical care that you are given. Our physicians are available to consult and are experts in pain and symptom management.

To learn more, please call us at 816.363.2600 to schedule a visit. We will come visit you and your family, assess your situation and answer all your questions.