Choose Where to Receive Care

We’ll help you to live where you want to live and to receive the care that helps you to stay there longer. You can choose where to receive end of life care.

Where do you call home? Perhaps you’re in your own home or staying with a friend or family. You may be in an independent or assisted living facility. Or, you could be in a long-term care facility.

Both palliative home care and hospice care are available where you live. We’ll help you stay out of the hospital and avoid unnecessary visits to the ER by bring the right care at the right time. Your team will work with you to set goals, to honor your wishes and to keep you independent as long as possible.

Care is available for all ages and at all stages of serious illness.

Live at home

We’ll work with you and your family to provide the care you need to stay at home.

Reside in assisted living

We will coordinate with the services you already have to customize your care and help you keep your independence.

Live at long-term care facility

We can augment the care you already receive with team members that specialize in working with facilities.

Use Hospice House when needed

When symptoms are too serious or complex to be managed at home, you may receive short-term care at a Hospice House.