Inpatient Care at Hospice House

Hospice care is usually provided in the familiar surroundings of home. But, sometimes the need for care gets more complicated and families can get overwhelmed. That’s why we provide inpatient care in a home away from home, where expert care is combined with beautiful surroundings and wonderful support for families — where every single person knows what you’re going through and is there only to help you

When You Need Extra Care

Hospice Houses specialize in short-term care for medical problems that are too serious or complex to be managed at home.

Pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, or other distressing symptoms sometimes require a short inpatient stay.

Our care teams are expert in getting pain and difficult symptoms under control and, if stabilized, you may return to your home setting for continued hospice support.

Kansas City Hospice House™

Located in south Kansas City at 120th and Wornall, the Kansas City Hospice House™ is a place of comfortable spaces, quiet corners and natural surroundings that promote a sense of peace.

NorthCare Hospice House

Located on the campus of North Kansas City Hospital, NorthCare Hospice House is designed for comfort and serenity, with garden views and amenities for families.