Baking Guidelines for Kansas City Hospice House™

Download printable Baking Guidelines

Thank you for providing baked goods for the Kansas City Hospice House™. Your generous contribution truly makes a difference to the families and friends visiting our facility, as they are going through a very difficult time with a life-limiting illness of a loved one. The following guidelines will assist you and/or your group in baking and providing baked goods:

• Our families love homemade cookies, bars, muffins, brownies and more…any variety is accepted.

• Please provide at least two dozen items, more are certainly appreciated, though!

• Goodies may be baked at home and dropped off at the House anytime of the day, seven days a week.

• If you prefer to bake items at our facility, please schedule through our Community Volunteer Coordinator, at or (816) 941-1095. If baking at the House, please provide all required food ingredients. You are responsible for cleaning any bowls, pans or utensils used in baking.

• Items are to be delivered to the two main family rooms in a disposable container or tray.

• Feel free to leave a copy of your recipe at our front desk (with your name on it), as many family members request recipes of the items brought in.

• Children are welcome at our facility and encouraged to assist with baking. Please ensure kids are supervised at all times.

• Please ensure all individuals baking adhere to basic health guidelines (wash hands thoroughly, etc.). All individuals entering our facility should be free of contagious illnesses.

• Please respect the privacy and confidentiality of our patients and their families. No photographs are allowed without prior permission.

• If baking at the House, please limit the size of your group to 10 people. More can be accommodated with prior arrangements made through the Volunteer Coordinator.

• Please remember that our guests are going through a stressful time, your respectful and peaceful consideration of this is greatly appreciated.

• When you arrive, whether you are dropping off baked goods or baking them here, please sign in at the front desk in our volunteer notebook.

• Healthy Snack Alternatives: Our guests also love healthy choices to fuel their journey such as: fresh fruit, veggies, cheese & crackers, trail mix, granola, etc.

Thank you for making a difference at the Hospice House!