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Solace House – 20 Years, 20,000 Lives

[ebs_oscvideo type="vimeo" link="" dimensions="16by9"] Solace House Center for Grief and Healing was founded in 1998 by two grieving moms who could find support for themselves, but not for their kids. In 2009, Solace House was brought under the auspices of...

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Kathy Corbin 2018 Heart of Hospice Administrative Volunteer Award

[ebs_oscvideo type="vimeo" link="" dimensions="16by9"] The Missouri Hospice & Palliative Care Association has awarded Kathy Corbin with the 2018 Heart of Hospice Award for her unique jewelry recycling program at Top Drawer, an upscale resale boutique in Leawood benefitting Kansas City...

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Stevie Shuchart receives 2018 Heart of Hospice Employee Award

[ebs_oscvideo type="vimeo" link="" dimensions="16by9"] The Missouri Hospice & Palliative Care Association has awarded Stephanie “Stevie” Shuchart, LCMSW, with the 2018 Heart of Hospice Award for her outstanding work in caring for hospice patients, their families and the community. Stevie developed...

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Kansas City Hospice What is hospice

What is hospice?

Hospice is a family-centered approach to care at the end of life that focuses on making every day count. It is provided with a team of experts that bring as much or as little care as you want to you...

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Kansas city hospice palliative care vs hospice

What is the difference between palliative care vs hospice care?

Many people wonder about palliative care vs hospice. The two concepts work hand in hand. Palliative Care Palliative care is also called supportive care. It is the treatment of pain and symptoms and it is an important part of hospice...

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Kansas City Hospice at home Nurse Home Visit

Hospice at Home with Kansas City Hospice

If you visit a hospital and speak with any of the patients, you’ll hear one thing over and over. “I want to go home.” Most people will tell you that they want to spend their last months at home, with...

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Kansas City Hospice palliative home health care live longer

Live Longer and Better with Palliative Home Health Care

Numerous studies have shown what palliative and hospice professionals have seen for themselves — people with serious illness who receive palliative home health care and hospice care live longer and feel better. The earlier supportive care begins, the greater the benefit....

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Palliative Home Health Care – Care When and Where you Need It

When you’re dealing with a serious illness, you may need extra support at home. Palliative home health care is supportive care at home that not only improves quality of life — it may extend it. Studies have shown that palliative...

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Medicare Hospice Benefit Care

The Medicare Hospice Benefit Care Could Be Zero Out-of-Pocket For YOU

The Medicare Hospice Benefit Care covers virtually all expenses during a life-limiting illness, with almost zero out-of-pocket expenses, making hospice care in Kansas City an affordable option. Did you know that people on Medicare pay little to nothing for hospice...

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The ABCs of Healthy Self Talk

When it comes to managing our feelings, the most important conversations we have are with ourselves - self talk. We can reflect on events and conversations in our everyday lives and make choices about whether we will allow them to...

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