Asking Friends and Family for Help

Remember those who said “Call me if you need anything”? The difficult time when you’re grieving is the time to follow up on these offers. You may be hesitant to ask for help, but asking friends and family who want to make things easier for you will be a benefit.

“They’re grieving, too, and helping you helps them work through their grief,” says Melissa Waugh, MS, Grief Support Specialist. She suggests asking or help with things such as:

Household chores/yard work – Someone could help wash dishes, do laundry, vacuum, mow, rake or shovel snow.

Car maintenance – Oil changes, car washes, winterizing.

Running errands – Picking up or dropping off items at the dry cleaner, pharmacy, bank, post office or grocery store.

Transportation – Have someone take you to the store if you don’t drive. If you have kids, have a friend transport them to/from school, games, lessons, etc.

Child care – Babysitting when you can’t be home or when you just need a break. Also, encourage friends to support your kids with a card or phone call.

Food – Let friends know they can bring over a meal.

Social support – The first few months after a loss can be hectic. Asking friends to schedule time to get together about three months after your loss, you’ll be more ready to get out.


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